Target and Eagle - conversion


You can easily test TARGET 3001! in the free edition "discover" before buying.


TARGET3001! license benefits

No node locking (install Target wherever you want), no sub­scription licensing, no calling home, no activation codes­/ dongles, no fear of Load Error 293

TARGET3001! 3D MID and frontpanels

Schematic, mixed-mode Simulation, live 3D-view of the complete circuit board, Molded Inter­connect Device Design, Front­panel-design, STEP-import and export

TARGET3001! all in one project

All project infor­mation is gathered in one single project file, with integrated calculators (prices, availability, RoHs-information, parts lists, ...), Components still editable

TARGET3001! data integration and forward-back-annotation

Real time data integration, no versions conflicts between schematic and board, automatic internal forward-back-annotation

TARGET3001! free telephone and eMail service

Our friendly and competent telephone and eMail service supplied for every user, no matter which version she/he has, for free

TARGET3001! features Componiverse

Component libraries and databases are expandable with parts out of the component-community, Componiverse from now on available for Eagle!

TARGET3001! open und save Eagle files

Open and save your Eagle-projects
directly in TARGET 3001!

Practically lostless migration between
Target and Eagle (projects, components).


An easy explanation, the most important Eagle-commands and their correspondences in Target, as well as our friendly and competent telephone service will make your Target-start as easy as possible!

TARGET 300! easy start and switchover
EAGLE Cadsoft
Eagle* is a wide spread PCB Layout CAD System. In earlier days the brand was a registered trademark of CadSoft in Pleiskirchen (Germany). August 2009 Eagle and CadSoft had been acquired by the part-distributor Premier Farnell. July 2016 Premier Farnell had been acquired by Dätwyler. Eagle und Cadsoft then had been sold to Autodesk.
The Eagle brand and the logo are registered trademarks of the Cadsoft GmbH, Pleiskirchen.