Orchestra vector single line drawing Board Vector Drawing
Symbol font CAD vector drawing

The elec­tro­nics engi­neer has his sym­bol font (no­tation).

Schematic PCB CAD vector drawing

Elec­tro­nic sym­bols are wired in the cir­cuit dia­gram.

This crea­tes the cir­cuit dia­gram/cir­cuit.
melody thought bubble vector drawing
basic idea thought bubble vector drawing

At the very be­gin­ning the musi­cian has a ba­sic melo­dy and the elec­tro­nics engi­neer a basic idea for a prob­lem.

From this begin­ning ari­ses a first ver­sion of the piece of mu­sic or the cir­cuit is - on paper. In our time, we have re­pla­ced the pa­per with ap­pro­pri­ate soft­ware (music no­ta­tion pro­gram, ECAD).

PCB CAD Software
Simulation PCB CAD vector drawing

It's similar for the elec­tro­nics tech­ni­cian. He has to go through the cir­cuit in his head or play through it with a simu­lator. Com­po­nents are added, re­moved, re­wired or re­placed by an­other varia­tion.

Potentiometer vector drawing Trimmer vector drawing

Po­ten­tio­meter or trim­mer?

Small ensemble vector drawing

You will pro­ba­bly also test around with a plug-in board or in a small en­sem­ble, if you are not Ein­stein or Mo­zart.

PCB CAD vector drawing

Now the com­po­ser is fi­ni­shed, but you still can't buy a con­cert ticket yet.

Mozart Vector drawing

What's missing? Well... A hall with good acous­tics, a con­duc­tor, many con­cert musi­cians, many instru­ments and please do not for­get the chairs for the musi­cians! You don't want your first vio­lin to sit on the floor.

Chairs vector drawing
Footprint on board vector drawing

So what are the "chairs" for the elec­tro­nics engi­neer?

That's the foot­print of a com­po­nent!

Footprint vector drawing

A com­po­nent manu­fac­tu­rer does not sell foot­prints, but rather com­po­nents, but in the data sheet you will find a drawing of the opti­mum "chair" for the com­po­nent. Your ECAD pro­vides the foot­print. In an ECAD, the foot­print is often re­fer­red to as a package.

PCB with hall construction vector drawing

The con­cert hall with the good acous­tics is the still emp­ty board. The con­duc­tor must dis­tri­bute and re­cord his musi­cians ap­pro­pri­ately.

PCB CAD Designer or Composer Vector Drawing

As an elec­tro­nics engi­neer (lay­out­er), you must place the com­po­nents ap­pro­pri­ate­ly on the board and con­vert the wi­ring into con­duc­tor paths (im­port).

The vir­tual board as lay­out and as 3D view in your ECAD. You have de­fined all place­ments and tra­ces in the lay­out.


Now it goes on with or­der­ing, pro­duc­tion and assem­bly. But that's ano­ther story...